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It’s legal in the UK to travel with a pet, but it’s not always easy. Many black cabs allow pets, including small dogs. Miss Darcy’s Adventures, for instance, allowed me to take two small dogs for a photo tour around London attractions. However, black cab drivers have the right of discretion and you should always check with them first.

Transporting pets in a taxi

There are a number of benefits of transporting your pet in a taxi. The first is that you can rest assured that your pet will be safe in the vehicle. This type of vehicle is equipped with crates that can fit various types of pets. The crates should also have dog harness seatbelts to keep your pet safe during the trip. Additionally, you can get a standard contract that includes the pick-up point, destination, and drop-off time.

Can You Take a Pet in a Taxi?

There are also pet taxis in the UK. These taxis are specially designed for the transportation of pets. While some of them are capable of accommodating only one owner, most of them require a pet and its owner. These drivers pick up customers’ pet transport from the airport and drop them off at their desired destination. These taxis have a minimum of two stops per hour, which means your pet will get plenty of rest.

If you need to transport your pet, Uber offers a pet taxi service in Greater Manchester. This service costs two dollars and is run as an opt-in system for drivers. To use this service, you must choose the option in your Uber app for pets. For more information, visit Uber’s blog.

EU pet passport

If you’re traveling to another European country with your pet, it’s a good idea to get an EU pet passport. These passports are valid for up to 5 animals. They also cover the non-commercial pet movement. You need to have a veterinarian stamp the EU pet passport so that it’s valid for that particular animal.

Before you take your pet on a taxi trip to the UK, make sure your pet is vaccinated against rabies. The passport must have proof that your pet has a rabies vaccination. Your vet will be able to fill out the application and ensure your pet is healthy. If you have no proof, you can also show flight tickets or booking information indicating that your pet traveled outside the EU. The paperwork should show your pet’s vaccination date and time. It is also important that the pet has been dewormed at least 24 hours prior to your journey.

EU pet passports for taxis in the UK are valid for travel to all EU member states except for Northern Ireland and Great Britain. These passports will not be valid for travel to EU countries after Brexit, but the passports issued in the UK will still be valid for travel to those countries. In addition to the pet passport, you’ll also need an animal health certificate.


Uber is launching a new feature to allow passengers to ride with their pets in an Uber taxi. It’s called UberPET, and it allows passengers to choose which type of vehicle their pet would prefer, and the driver will be informed. There’s a $2 surcharge for Uber Pet fares, and drivers must opt-in. You can select your preference in the app. For more information, check out Uber’s blog.

The new feature is available in select cities in the UK. It works similarly to the booking process for Uber X and Uber Pool, with the driver either accepting or rejecting the booking. If you’re looking for a taxi service in the UK, Uber may be a good option.

The average cost to relocate a pet is between PS350 and PS420. However, there are cheaper options for short trips. For example, a small dog can fly domestically for $275 USD, but a large dog can cost more. Additionally, the price for a custom kennel can add another $100 to the price. Uber Pet is designed specifically for pet owners, and Uber expects that cats and dogs will make up the majority of pets on rides.


If you’re looking to take your pet on a trip, you can now use Airtasker to book a pet taxi in the UK. All you need to do is post a task stating your requirements, including the pickup and drop-off points, the date and time of service, and your budget. Once posted, tap the button that says “Get quotes” and wait for offers from Taskers in your area. Once you’ve received a few offers, you can then confirm the one that best suits your requirements and budget.

Airtasker’s pet taxi service doesn’t cover long-distance moves, such as moving a dog from one side of the country to another. Instead, it’s only suitable for local trips up to 8 hours. However, if you’re going further, you can use a Type 2 Animal Transport Licence.